JV recently travelled to India with the Lord Mayor of Londons FinTech delegation, designed to strengthen ties between India and the UK in the post BREXIT market.
He even even got to open the Bombay Stock Exchange, as shown.
Lord Mayor Charles Bowman met with senior government and industry leaders, supported by 11 leading FinTech companies from the UK, offering services including FX, blockchain, payments, InsurTech, and RegTech.
“India is an important priority market for us. Travelling with me on this visit are some of the best and brightest FinTechfirms the UK has to offer,” said Bowman.
He added, “India is the fourth-largest foreign investor in the UK, and ties between our two countries are growing. But there is so much more we can do together, particularly in the area of FinTech, where UK expertise perfectly matches the needs of India’s growing digital market.”
“Trade between the UK and India has risen by 19 per cent to GBP 18.8 billion but there is still enormous potential to expand this relationship even further. This is particularly true for areas like FinTech where Britain is a world leader last year alone, the UK secured more tech venture capital investment than Germany, France, Spain and Ireland combined,” said UK Trade Minister Liam Fox.