Leading the market change…

R5 is a new Interbank Liquidity pool for eNDF’s and EMFX, which focuses on leading the market change from voice to screen in BRICS and N-11 currency trading. Upcoming Regulation requires Foreign Exchange trading banks to drastically change their current trading channels for the BRICS, N-11 and other Emerging Market/NDF currency pairs.

Today these currencies are traded and fixed over a number of old, difficult to track and inefficient methods. The market is opaque and liable to imperfect buy lexapro online cheap price movements to the detriment of both banks and their customers, hence regulators desire for change. R5 is building a trading system for FX banks that not only satisfies these new legal requirements, but also specialises in the fast growing transaction volumes in BRIC and emerging economy currencies.

R5 is an electronic liquidity pool which provides a faster, more efficient, regulatory alternative for  anyone wanting to benefit from ‘FX trading in the New World’.

R5 Asia