The technology that supports the R5 platform is unique. It has been built by technology experts, in consultation with EMFX traders from around the world. R5 uses industry proven component providers such as SmartTrade, Markit, Thomson Reuters and Traiana Harmony. R5 is a simple, easy to use, fast to deploy, integrated solution that solves many EMFX trading issues at one time.

R5 is available via API and GUI interfaces, packaged and website.

The GUI provides access for manual traders. API connectivity supports automated trading that provides direct electronic access to executable prices between your trading infrastructure and R5.  The API is available via direct lines or via the internet.

Additional electronic lexapro no prescription interfaces for post-trade processing and market data support direct integration of customers’ front and back offices through a variety of industry standard protocols.

Trading technology that solves the credit, compliance, counterparty and liquidity issues of EMFX.