This week the The Chancellor and Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore agreed to launch a new UK-Singapore Financial Dialogue, deepening ties between two of the world’s leading international financial centres and establish a London-Singapore sector forum to support the development of these two major offshore RMB centres

During his visit the Chancellor was also keen to promote the opportunities for smaller, innovative British firms in Singapore and the wider region, building on the established presence of major players such as HSBC, Standard Chartered. The Chancellor was therefore pleased to announce during his visit the opening of emerging market currency specialist R5’s office in Singapore, facilitating their expansion into the Asia Pacific region.

“Singapore is where India meets China, and Indonesia meets Malaysia – four of the most important growth markets for FX traders in London. That is why we’re buy escitalopram delighted to open our Asian office, the first outside London, here in Singapore,” said Stuart Crooks of R5. “Singapore is now the number three FX city behind London and New York, and the biggest in Asia. Its entrepreneurial economy, e-trading appeal, use of the English language and legal system makes it the perfect Asian centre for us.” said Jon Vollemaere Founder and CEO”

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