The Lord Mayor of London in July announced the collaboration between R5 and Edelweiss at Mansion House as a part of India Day, the flagship UK-India financial services event.

Edelweiss Securities Limited (Edelweiss) and R5 are exploring collaboration to create a long term relationship to promote ‘Indian FX Market Access’ amongst the forex and derivative focused funds and clients of both companies. This exploratory collaboration will add to the pool of knowledge of investing, trading and hedging in Indian forex markets available to the clients of R5 through the support of the Institutional Forex desk of Edelweiss.

The Edelweiss Institutional Forex desk is amongst the largest listed players in the Indian forex market and is a thought leader in the space. Edelweiss has been recognised as the ‘Best Asset Service provider’ in emerging markets by the Global Custodian Survey 2019 complementing R5’s reputation as the world leader in emerging markets FX trading.

India day also promoted further collaboration between the UK and India in developing trade, financial services and fintech partnerships between the two countries. The event included keynote speeches from PM Theresa May, The Indian Minister of Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal, and the Lord Mayor of London Peter Estlin.

It was also attended by; The Indian Minister of Finance, UK and Indian Cabinet Ministers, The Bank of England, CEOs and Chairmen from leading UK and Indian financial services business such as; HDFC, HSBC, Lloyd’s of London, GIC, London Stock Exchange, Prudential, Standard Chartered, Refinitiv, National Investment and Infrastructure Fund (NIIF) and the Deputy Mayor of London.

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